Terms & Conditions

For enquiries regarding date availability, you may contact us via Call / Whatsapp or Email (info@dastoorgarden.com)

For information regarding Tariff & Charges, we request you to please visit our Office at the Venue Premises. No information shall be provided on Call or Whatsapp.

Any quotation provided to you shall be strictly confidential and if the quotation is found to be circulated by any means of communication, we shall immediately TERMINATE / CANCEL any existing booking.

No Booking shall be considered as valid unless the Booking Agreement is signed by the Guest.

The management reserves the right to cancel any booking without prior notice if the guest refuses or ignores to sign the agreement.

Any one Identity Proof as stated below shall be required by the Guest at the time of Agreement Signing.


• Driving License

• Voter ID

• Passport

By sharing date(s) availability at the time of enquiry, we do not undertake the liability to guarantee the availability of the date(s) at the time of booking.

A security deposit of Rs.15,000/- shall be required in-addition to the Booking Amount as per the Schedule or on the last day of Payment Schedule (whichever is earlier)

This security deposit shall be refunded in full, only if the below conditions are met -

  1. Any asset or fixtures of the venue & premises are not damaged, missing and in the same conditions as handed over. Room accessories and equipments shall be notified to you at the time of Venue Possession of Check-in. It shall be the duty of the guest to take note of the same at the time of check-in.
  2. No Damage has been caused to the Fixtures, Furniture, Bathrooms, Lobby, Stairs, Kitchen, Lawn, Banquet Hall, Electronic Equipments & Fittings
  3. All the rooms are functional in the same condition as at the time of possession or Check-in to the guest / host.
  4. No burn marks, stains of any substance are found on the mattress, bedsheets, pillows, walls and curtains.
  5. All the electronic equipments as notified to the guest at the time of Check-in are not missing and working in usual manner.
  6. No bathroom fittings or sanitaryware has been damaged.
  7. All towels or linens are available in good condition after usage.
  8. The bathroom and room mirror are intact.
  9. The smoke detectors are not damaged or covered by any material. (if installed at the venue)
  10. The air conditioner remote and its holder are available and in working condition.
  11. The electronic safe is in working condition and clean. (if provided)
  12. Television and its Remote (if provided) are available and in working condition. (if provided)

The security deposit amount remaining after necessary adjustment of charges (if any) shall be refunded back to the Customer after 48 hours from the time of final check-out. Final Check-Out refers to the complete vacating of our premises by the Host, Guests, Vendors (Decorators, Caterers, etc). The refund shall be made by the source mode of payment used to deposit the amount. The refund amount shall only be handed over to the Host / Customer or any individual as intimated by the Customer on their behalf which should be given in writing with signature of the Host.

To make a reservation, please visit our office desk.

No Bookings shall be accepted by verbal communication.

No booking shall be accepted or will be considered valid without any initial Token Amount of booking.

Booking or Token Amount is Minimum 30% of the Final Booking Amount inclusive of all Taxes.

A booking shall not be considered as Confirmed unless Full Payment has been made.

Full Payment refers to Charges + Taxes as applicable

We request all our Customers / Clients to collect/request their respective Booking Confirmation from our Office 7 days before the event date without which entry shall not be permitted to the Guest(s), Host(s), Decorator, Caterer and any other parties involved in the event.

Goods & Services Tax (GST) rate as legally effective (or as notified by the Govt. of India) shall be applicable and payable by the Customer over and above the charges of the venue or any services rendered by the venue.

It shall be the Customer's responsibility to intimate us latest by the Month End of the Event Date if any changes in the Billing Name or GST details are required to be changed.

Any payment transferred to our Bank Account shall be accepted only from an account holder same as mentioned in the Billing Name of the Invoice.


Tax Invoice wherever applicable shall be provided to the customer at the end of the first week of the month succeeding the event month.

If the customer fails to pay the Tax Amount before the actual date of event in full, the Booking shall stand cancelled and entry shall not be allowed to the guests / hosts inside the Venue.

Any taxes shall not be returned or refunded back to the customer and shall be considered as Sale of Service in case of cancellation.

All payments related to the booking including Venue + Decor Charges & Taxes shall required to be paid in Full on the last date as prescribed in the Payment Schedule.

The customer is requested to make the payments as per the Payment Schedule shared at the time of booking.

(If the Customer has not received the Payment Schedule within 7 days of the Booking Date, it shall be the Customer's responsibility to request the same from our Management at the earliest . If not intimated to the Management within time, it shall be considered as received and accepted at the Customer's end.

The Management Reserves the Right to Cancel any booking where Payments in Full have not been deposited before the last date of Payment Schedule and shall not be liable for any loss caused to the Customer.

Also, the Management shall allocate the dates to another Customer / Party without prior intimation to the existing Booking Holder (Customer).

Any payment(s) made via Cheque shall be only be considered as valid once cleared and credited to our Bank Account(s) as shared with you.

Our Management shall not be responsible for any wrong payments made to any accounts which do not match our records.

We strictly advise our Customers to only transfer payments to the Bank Accounts, UPI ID's , Digital Wallet or QR Codes shared by our Management from authorized or registered channels.

All our esteemed guests and their respective hosts are requested to adhere to our Check-in & Check-out timelines.

Our timelines are as below -

  • Check-in : 12:00 PM (IST)
  • Check-out : 9:00 AM (IST)

All timelines are mentioned in GMT +5:30 (Indian Standard Time Zone)

We may provide you our Pooja/Utility room as early as possible (Subject to Availablility)



In case of No Show, No Refunds shall be liable / made from our side to the Customer

In case of any Pandemic / Epidemic / Natural Disaster / Lockdown situation only when notified by the Govt. of India our management shall offer you to host the same event at future dates Subject to Availability or make a booking for any other event upto the tune of payment already made.

NO COMPENSATION shall be provided in such cases.

NO REFUNDS shall be made in such case to the Customer. 

According to government regulations, a valid Photo ID has to be carried by every person above the age of 18 staying at the hotel. The identification proofs accepted are Aadhar Card, Drivers License, Voters Card, Passport, Ration Card.

Any guest without a valid ID Card above the age of 18 shall be denied accomodation.

Rooms, if equipped with RFID Secure Locks for which 1 (One) Entry Key Card shall be provided for every occupied room.

A room card shall only be allocated to a guest appearing in person at the Reception Desk with a Valid ID Proof.

We request the Host / Customer to provide us a list of Guests for accommodation in advance before their respective arrival at the venue to ease the Check-In process.


In case of Loss of Room Card, a duplicate card at a charge of Rs.300/- (+GST @18%) which shall be deducted from the Security Deposit of the Customer / Host.

The Management shall not be liable to refund the charges of the Duplicate Card issued in case the Customer finds the same and returns to the Reception Desk / Management.


We only allow 100% Pure-Vegetarian food to be cooked & served at our venue(s).

You are allowed to make your own arrangements without any restrictions from our side provided the caterer is in compliance with our regulations.

Any violations by the caterer (if found or reported to us), shall have a penalty of Rs.50,000 (INR) which shall be payable on spot by the Host or Caterer, and failing to pay so will have legal consequences.

No Food & Beverage Service / Catering shall be allowed in the rooms.

All caterers are mandatorily required to pay the following charges before usage of the Kitchen -

Charge Type Amount (in INR)
Kitchen 7500 / Day

All of the above charges are required to be paid fully in advance to enter & use our premises/kitchen.

This amount shall be non-refundable to any caterer in any case.
If the caterer refuses to pay the amount, the management shall reserve the right to deny entry to the caterer.

In case, if the caterer promises to pay on guarantee of the host (Customer), the Security Deposit of the Host shall be deducted to pay the above charges.

All catering (food preparation) should be carried out only in the Kitchen Area available at the venue.

No Cooking shall be permitted in the open without prior permission.

All Caterers are requested to bring their own Generators to power their equipments.

The venue shall not be liable to provide Power Supply.

Any power supply provided to the caterer shall be chargeable separately at Rs.5,000 / Hour.

Smoking in any manner is strictly prohibited at our venue(s)

All our rooms and lobbies are equipped with Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers, and are highly sensitive. 

Any person or group of person(s) found smoking in our rooms or any other area within the premise shall be dealt accordingly.

Offense / Violation Fine
Cigarette Rs.5,000
Vape / Electronic Cigarette Rs.5,000
Hookah / Shisha Rs.5,000
Any other narcotic substance Rs.25,000


Consumption or Possession of Drugs or Pschotropic Substances by any Host or Guests within the Venue Premises is STRICTLY PROHIBITED

Any instance if reported / found / caught on camera shall be immediately reported to the nearest Police Station and the Narcotics Control Bureau Helpline and consequently the Host along with its guests shall be asked to vacate the property completely within stipulated timelines.


Any imagery (picture) or moving graphics (video) found or shared on the Internet or Social Media Networks covering or showing the venue or by mentioning our official brand handles is not allowed while consumption of such substances.

Consumption of Alcohol is permissible only for Hosts and their Guests with prior intimation to our Management.

The host shall be required to obtain a valid Liquor License issued from the Local Administration for the date(s) on which such activities shall be carried out at our premises.

Serving or Consumption of Alcohol is not allowed on Dry Days as notified by the Goverment & Local Administration

No Alcoholic Beverages shall be allowed to served within the premises if Section 144 is imposed by the Local Administration or in case of National Emergency.

Any driver / helper or labourer from the host's end is not allowed to consume alcohol within the venue premises.

It shall be the caterer's / vendor's or the Host's sole responsibility to dispose the waste accumulated from any Liquor Parties / Events.

We request all Host's and their respective guests to drink responsibly.

Any misbehaviour with our Management under the influence of Alchol shall not be acceptable and that individual or group of individuals or all of the guests alongwith their Hosts shall be asked to vacate the premises immediately.

We request our guests to take care of their belongings at all times.

 Though we have a CCTV covered premises, we do not undertake the responsibility and liability to compensate the Host or their Guests or the Vendors in case of any thefts.

Our staff is trained to load and unload regular baggage sizes only.

We will not provide our staff to unload or load irregular baggages or boxes to and from the venue.

We provide valet services for almost all events (unless stated otherwise).

However, we do not undertake any liability if in case your vehicle is lost / stolen / damaged while being parked or brought back from the parking by our drivers.

Our Management shall not be held responsible and is not liable to pay any compensation due to any loss or damage caused by the service provided by our drivers or outsourced agency.

Any event which invites the general public in open format through personal invite or tickets shall need to adhere to the below mentioned guidelines - 

  1. The organizer/host is required to submit a final plan and layout of the event with an expected crowd capacity minimum 3 days before the event.
  2. The organizer/host shall make suitable arrangements as promised / mentioned / advertised to the invitees or ticket holders, for which we shall not be held responsible in case of failures or non-fulfilment.
  3. We shall not be responsible for Refunds / Compensation in any case to any Ticket Holder / Invitee in case of any failures / non-fulfilment by the Organizer.
  4. The organizer / host shall directly be responsible for any Security arrangements to be made in accordance to the crowd requirements.
  5. The organizer / host is required to obtain a FL-5 Permit from the Excise Department ( or concerned Government authorities) in case if the guests / invitees shall be served liquor/alcohol.
  6. The organizer / host is required to intimate the concerned Police Station regarding the event in advance with an approval from the Station In-Charge.

Any damage (viz. interior, exterior, furniture, or any other accessories) if caused by the party will be liable to paid for in full to the tune of the cost of Repair or Replacement whichever is deemed necessary to restore to its original state.

The Management will not in any way whatsoever be responsible for any loss / or damage to the Guest's belongings or any other property from either the hotel room or the locker or any other part of the hotel for any cause whatsoever including theft of pilferage.

Any incident of Theft should be reported to the Management within 24 hours so as to investigate the matter timely.

Any request of CCTV footage shall be provided only on the written & signed request of the Customer / Host with a valid reason mentioned on the request letter.

The applicant is requested to bring their own Storage Device for the same. We shall not provide the CCTV footage over Email , Whatsapp or any Cloud Storage services.

The concept of Public Performance License emerged under the Copyright Act, 1957. Under the act, the government makes it mandatory to obtain a performance license, entertainment license, and a PPL License in case of playing drums, music, recorded audios-videos in a public area.

The license is to be obtained for pre-recorded music being played in a public place, irrespective of commercial or non-commercial nature of the establishment or event.

The establishment include —  hotels, bars, cafes, gyms, restaurants, offices, shopping malls, airplanes and taxis or non-commercial places like college campus for concerts, fetes, festivals, etc. who all are obligated to take the license from the authority established by the government of India i.e. Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL).

The Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) will grant the license for the operation and playing of the music on television, radio, telecom companies and organisations for using pre-recorded music.

Also, a separate license is required to be obtained by the general public, organisations or an individual to play the background music or in events by the Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) including the special events like: - concerts, stage, dance-floor, and even for brand promotion activities, shows, etc.

Head Office & Central Licensing Office - Mumbai

Other offices at: -
North: - Jaipur, Udaipur, Lucknow, New Delhi and Chandigarh

East: - Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Siliguri

West: - Mumbai – Dadar, Bhopal, Pune, Goa, Ahmedabad, `Indore

South: - Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam

Need for PPL
Licenses are required whenever a person performs in public a song he did not write, or play recorded music in public, such as at a club, restaurant, concert, on the radio, or streaming online.

A public performance license is required no matter how small a portion of the song is used.

There are some exceptions where a public performance license is not required, like when the person plays songs that he wrote himself or songs that are in the public domain.

It is a non-bailable and cognisable offence if there is an unauthorised playing of pre-recorded music in public places. Without the license grant by the PPL, it amounts to an offence. 

The organizer / host shall be fully responsible for any unforeseen circumstances  / disputes / liability (legal or financial) arising due to non-compliance of the Public Performance Licensing requirements.

It is the responsibility and liability of the Host / Organizer to share the PPL License well in advance (minimum 7 days) before the event.

The Host shall be responsible to get the Kitchen, Lawn & Banquet hall cleaned by their Vendors or Caterers before vacating the property.

If these abovementioned areas are left uncleaned, the Management shall reserve the right to recover necessary cleaning charges,

Area Cleaning Charges
Banquet Hall Rs.5,000
Kitchen Rs.10,000
Lawn Rs.5,000






GST @ 18% shall be applicable on these charges additionally.

Below are the charges mentioned for each item and shall be charged or deducted from Security Deposit. 

Item Charge (per unit)
Television 35,000
Television Remote 450
TataSky 5500
Electronic Safe 6,500
Chair 9,500
Lounge Sofa 48,000
Fan 8000
Bed (King) 90,000
Bed (Queen) 65,000
Mattress 7,800
Towel 350
Bath Mat 200
Bed Sheet (Double) 900
Bed Sheet (Single) 500
Duvet Cover (Double) 1100
Duvet Cover (Single) 700
Comforter (Double) 1800
Comforter (Single) 1100
Pillow 400
Pillow Cover 250
RFID Card 300
RFID Lock (Hafele) 10500
Hot Water Kettle 1800
Tea/Coffee Mug 100
Glass 50
Tray 400
Refridgerator 8500
Curtain 4000
Toilet Seat 10500
Wash Basin 6500
Shower-Cabin 32000
Bathroom Mirror 4000
Dressing Mirror 9000
Room Window Glass  20000
Wardrobe Door 6000
Room - Tile Flooring 80/ sq. ft
Room - Wooden Flooring 115/ sq. ft
Floor Lobby Carpet 100 / sq. ft
Water Dispenser 12500

These charges are non-negotiable

It shall be liability of the Host/Guest to replace the item AS IT IS as handed-over at the time of Check-In, if they refuse to pay the charges as mentioned above.

The Management shall not be held liable for any Electrical Failures in terms of Power Supply or Backup Generator.

However, we have our Dedicated Team to take care of the same but we do not guarantee a time definite resolution for such inconvenience.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the host or guest or vendor/merchant if injured in any manner due to any mishaps within the premises.

Our Management does not cover any Insurance Liabilities for the Hosts or any guests in any manner.

As per latest order from Indore Collector received on 13th December 2023, all customers are advised to adhere to the guidelines.

Loudspeakers shall not be permitted at the venue(s) after 10 PM in open public areas.
Speakers shall be permissible upto noise level of 45 Decibels only in Indoor areas.

We allow all types of Outside Vendors including Decorator, Caterer, DJ-Sound, Lighting, Special Effects, etc unless stated otherwise.

We do not charge any royalty fee to service/operate on our venue(s).

All vendors are requested to adhere the guidelines mentioned in the Booking Agreement.

Non-Adherence shall lead to disallowance of serving at the specific event and permanent restriction for future events.
In case of any dispute, decision of our management shall be final and binding.